Let the Fab-Finder team and global associates find what you are looking for.

We operate on a 24/7 basis and have direct access to 1000’s of Semiconductor and Solar manufacturing tools.
​We understand the market and your requirements.

Fab-Finder was founded in 2005. To serve our customers we have offices in California, France, and Korea.
​Our core members each have over 30 years of Industry Experience.

​Fab-Finder Team Member Profiles

Karl Vaughn

Karl Vaughn Schaaf, President and CEO, Fab-Finder Inc.

Vaughn has held Sales and Executive Management positions throughout his 30+ years within the Semiconductor, Data Storage and Solar industries. Companies have included Watkins-Johnson, Novellus, Semitool, Veeco, and Hitachi High-Tech. Vaughn has sold equipment, technology and both Semiconductor and Solar prodution facilities throughout SE Asia, Europe and the Americas.  As a consultant, he has helped with the success of several Silicon Valley start-up firms, and his industry career sales have exceeded $2B.

François Conratte, Account Manager, Europe

Mr. Conratte is the newest member of Fab-Finder, and has 10 years of experience in Sales & Business development in various technical industries and service companies. He has greatly improved the results, process and account management of several companies.

François started as a Sales rep and consultant in the pharmaceutical / medical industry, developing Business in France with high technical capabilities. He has held Executive Management positions within leading companies.  François serves as the Account Manager for Fab-Finder Europe.


Michel Ouaknine, Advisor

30 years of experience in Strategic Sales Development and Partnership with key EU companies. Michel was responsible for the introduction of several US companies into Europe including Western Digital (1984), Genus (1992), Mattson Technology (1996) and WaferMasters (2001). Michel has worked extensively with various EU organizations such as CE Standardization and the LETI&Franhofer Institute, and participation with the SEMI S23 Standard on Energy Conservation. Michael’s experience includes 12 years as the Micro Process Apps Manager for Intel, Intersil and Zilog. He has authored 2 books on Micro Processors and over 40 technical and scientific papers.

Paul Chang, Advisor, Fab-Finder Inc.

Paul is a former VP of Technology of Atmel Corporation (1985- 2005) and led company growth from $0 to $1.6B in annual revenues.  During his time at Atmel he coordinated foundry service with Sanyo, FFM, 1st Silicon, UMC, TSMC etc.
Paul was the technology leader for Atmel’s newest fabs- Colorado Springs Fab 5 (6″), France fab, Aix En Provence (8″), UK Newcastle (8″) Irving TX (8″) ect.  Paul is a recognized industry business and technology consultant.

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